Volcano Steak



Culinary is a very common type of business in Indonesia.To meet people's wants and needs, snacks, heavy meals, and various types of drinks are sold.As the name suggests, Volcano Steak focuses on a variety of culinary steaks, trying to create food with international nuances and local flavors. Volcano Steak combines quality ingredients with traditional spices so that it suits the preferences of the Indonesian people. In developing this culinary business, the Ikopin Business Incubator Center (PIBI) participates in fostering Volcano Steak, from planning to service.



The main problem that is commonly faced by people in the culinary business is related to the price of raw ingredients, which tend to be unstable. However, this does not necessarily mean that Volcano Steak can increase product prices in the market so that the profits are lower. In addition, the less strategic location is also a challenge for Volcano Steak to formulate a more precise and effective marketing strategy.


Approach and implementation

When talking about the culinary business, there are many things that must be considered in order to achieve success in managing it, some of which are product quality, compliance with consumer habits, and new strategies. To achieve this success, PIBI made various efforts to support the development of the Volcano Steak business.

Not only consultatively, in terms of improving product quality, PIBI seeks to show consistency in the quality of raw materials through providing suppliers for Volcano Steak. With this step, it is hoped that Volcano Steak will be able to provide consumers with finished products in the form of variously processed steaks of maintained quality.

In this fast-paced digital era, to be able to maintain its existence, a culinary business must be able to adapt to technology so that it can meet people's needs. This is accomplished through the integration of the Volcano Steak location into Google Maps, as well as the partnership established with Grab Food and Go-Food.The hope is that, even though it is in a less strategic location, Volcano Steak can provide an easier option so that people can try to enjoy the products being sold.

In order for the business to continue to run, a long-term, mature strategy is needed regarding operations and marketing. From an operational aspect, Volcano Steak and PIBI continue to strive to provide good service to customers, starting with the processing of raw materials until the product is ready to be served. In addition, PIBI also assists in planning related to widening business wings in the form of opening new businesses. In terms of marketing, PIBI is optimizing efforts both traditionally in the form of installing business banners and digitally in the form of social media management.




Guidance from PIBI helps Volcano Steak gain technical understanding and guidance in various fields, such as digital marketing, business legality, product photography, excellent service, culinary business management, and creative entrepreneurship.